Square Symbols - Alt Codes

List of Square signs, make over 59 square symbols text character.

square alt codes
Square SymbolSquare NameDecimalHex
Black Square■■
White Square□□
White Square With Rounded Corners▢▢
White Square Containing Black Small Square▣▣
Square With Horizontal Fill▤▤
Square With Vertical Fill▥▥
Square With Orthogonal Crosshatch Fill▦▦
Square With Upper Left To Lower Right Fill▧▧
Square With Upper Right To Lower Left Fill▨▨
Square With Diagonal Crosshatch Fill▩▩
Black Small Square▪▪
White Small Square▫▫
Square With Left Half Black◧◧
Square With Right Half Black◨◨
Square With Upper Left Diagonal Half Black◩◩
Square With Lower Right Diagonal Half Black◪◪
White Square With Vertical Bisecting Line◫◫
White Square With Upper Left Quadrant◰◰
White Square With Lower Left Quadrant◱◱
White Square With Lower Right Quadrant◲◲
Square SymbolSquare NameDecimalHex
White Square With Upper Right Quadrant◳◳
White Medium Square◻◻
Black Medium Square◼◼
White Medium Small Square◽◽
Black Medium Small Square◾◾
Squared Key⚿⚿
White Diamond In Square⛋⛋
Squared Saltire⛝⛝
Falling Diagonal In White Circle In Black Square⛞⛞
Square Four Corners⛶⛶
Cup On Black Square⛾⛾
Lower Right Drop-shadowed White Square❏❏
Upper Right Drop-shadowed White Square❐❐
Lower Right Shadowed White Square❑❑
Upper Right Shadowed White Square❒❒
Squared Logical And⟎⟎
Squared Logical Or⟏⟏
White Square With Leftwards Tick⟤⟤
White Square With Rightwards Tick⟥⟥
Squared Rising Diagonal Slash⧄⧄
Square SymbolSquare NameDecimalHex
Squared Falling Diagonal Slash⧅⧅
Squared Asterisk⧆⧆
Squared Small Circle⧇⧇
Squared Square⧈⧈
Two Joined Squares⧉⧉
Square With Contoured Outline⧠⧠
Error-barred White Square⧮⧮
Error-barred Black Square⧯⧯
Square With Top Half Black⬒⬒
Square With Bottom Half Black⬓⬓
Square With Upper Right Diagonal Half Black⬔⬔
Square With Lower Left Diagonal Half Black⬕⬕
Dotted Square⬚⬚
Black Large Square⬛⬛
White Large Square⬜⬜
Black Very Small Square⬝⬝
White Very Small Square⬞⬞
Black Square Centred⯀⯀
Square Position Indicator⯐⯐

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